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a day in Areco's town

A day in Areco’s town

TO MAKE A DAY IN ARECO’S TOWN Visit the business of “Maggio”, is also visiting another era. Smells unknown, but family. Colors skated with dust. The wooden floor sometimes complains. Things you’ll never use,...

areco's art

Areco’s Art on gauchos

Areco’s Art: MIGUELANGEL GASPARINI, EL PINTOR DEL PUEBLO. Todas la mañanas después de unos mates se va al colegio para darle clases de arte a los chicos. Allí, les enseña la técnica y cuenta...

gaucho comic strip

About a gaucho comic strip

About the gaucho comic strip:DISTINGUISHED VISITOR: INODORO PEREYRA Fontanarrosa as the author of the”stainless” Inodoro Pereyra, could not be indifferent to San Antonio de Areco. In his bullet under the title of “The Sorcerer...