Gaucho normally denotes the residents or inhabitants of the South American pampas or grasslands. They are almost like the North American “cowboy” who have the genuine profession of herding the cattle and practice hunting to meet their economic needs.

Gauchos are nowadays considered as the symbol of the national pride of Argentina. They are tremendous horse riders and famous for their distinctive and conventional costumes.The Gauchos of Argentina love to eat beef along with the herbal infusion prepared from Yerba and feel delighted to roam with their horses in the massive grasslands of the country. The fascinating features of the Gauchos of Argentina are their traditional clothing items that mainly include “espadrilles” originally made with black canvas but are now produced with a wide range of colours and patterns; some are made with a rubber sole.

The bombachas are actually trousers made with strong cotton fabric traditionally in beige, white and black colors. These trousers can be easily be identified because of the button they have at the ankle which is used to narrow them.

Without horse boots the traditional gaucho dress is never completed. Sometimes these traditional horse boots were having no heels and were open at the ends while some were made of leather with heels and they were known as “patriotic boots”. The northern Argentine gaucho boots often have folds that resemble bellows, i.e. leather legs “cordoned off” as a way of defending the forest and possible snake bites.

Gauchos of Argentina had the trend to wear their traditional pants particularly by women. These loose pants are like Capri pants and are normally knee lengths having a woven cuff with “guarda pampa” design, as well as a high and wide belted waist. The women of Argentina traditionally love to wear the costumes prepared with embellished patterns and in bright colors.

The warrior Gaucho costume is truly symbolic in Argentina as an emblem of prestige and the Argentine people feel proud on their traditional dress.


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