ABOUT THE ARECO GASTRONOMY: Meats, regional cheeses, cold cuts of excellence, luxury marinades.  The Areco gastronomy also includes the traditional barbecue or “asado”, the “dulce de leche” and the “torta frita”. In this traditional town you can enjoy all of these and more. The “La Olla de Cobre” is a place in the center of the town which is well-known for its famous and delicious chocolates and specially its “alfajores” San Antonio de Areco has excellent enterprises dedicated to tempt the most exquisite palate. “Ayres de Areco”, “Falufe” and “La Casona de Areco” offer the best to take home. Instead ,”El Boliche de Bessonart”, “El Tokio“, “The corner of Merti” and “Pulpería Lo de Tito“,have a different offer. To eat all of that food alone is pure selfishness … but it is understandable. We know why we say it.